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ABOUT KEVIN MCCARNEY is home to one of

Tennessee's most experienced photographers

& videographers, whose creative journey spans

across continents and industries. 

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A passionate filmmaker and photographer, Kevin McCarney's story begins in Marietta, Georgia, a stone's throw away from the vibrant city of Atlanta. From a young age, Kevin found himself captivated by the magic of movies and the artistry of filmmaking. This early fascination ignited his path, leading him to pursue his dreams and attend film school at Full Sail University in Orlando, FL, where he graduated with a degree in film and television in 2006.

In 2007, fueled by ambition and a thirst for adventure, Kevin set his sights on the Pacific, spending two years on the picturesque South Island of New Zealand, where he deepened his love for photography, enriching his creative journey in ways he never imagined.

Upon returning to Atlanta, Kevin dove headfirst into the burgeoning film scene, landing his first jobs on acclaimed shows like The Vampire Diaries, Single Ladies, and The Walking Dead. These experiences honed his skills and opened doors to diverse opportunities in the industry.

As his career evolved, Kevin transitioned into the realm of commercial and corporate work, drawn by the challenge of crafting compelling visual narratives for numerous brands and businesses. His adventures eventually led him to the sunny shores of Santa Monica & the city of Los Angeles, where he had the privilege of contributing to high-profile commercials and documentaries.

Yet, the East Coast beckoned Kevin home, and he returned with a renewed focus on his craft. His photography also started to gain recognition, gracing the pages of esteemed publications like Tennessee Magazine and catching the eye of major companies such as NBC and RMU Skis.

Venturing further north, Kevin found himself in Ontario, Canada, where he assumed the role of Director of Marketing. Here, he collaborated with industry icon Mike Holmes, capturing the essence of his acclaimed show, Holmes on Homes: Holmes Family Rescue. Additionally, Kevin spearheaded the creation of the Holmes on Homes podcast, which resonated with audiences worldwide, accumulating millions of views.

Today, Kevin is based north of Nashville, Tennessee, and continues to explore the boundless possibilities of visual storytelling, blending his expertise in filmmaking and photography to craft narratives that inspire, engage, and leave a lasting impression. Join him on this exhilarating journey and let's capture moments, weave stories, and create magic together.

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